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Riley Carroll Senior Spotlight

Riley Carol has been at APEX for 8 years

Favorite memory from your years at APEX:

I don’t remember what day this was, but I know I was 16 and it was fall. We were practicing on floor and Meghan and I were talking about something strange as usual. Slowly, the rest of the team started to join in on our conversation along with Barbra, Brandon, and Matt. It wasn’t that I was, as always, the center of attention at that point, but it was that moment that I remember vividly where I felt like Apex was my second home and it was where I belong. Since then, that feeling has not gone away, and I hope that everyone else that will be at Apex for years will feel that same way.

Your Favorite Meet: 

Hershey because I like playing hide and seek in the giant hotel Meghan and I stay in.

Which skill was the toughest for you to learn?

Front aerial on beam

What do you have planned for the future?

I plan to go to college and major in kinesiology on the premed track, so I can hopefully do something with orthopedics as my job. In college, I want to cheer for the school competitively and maybe do club gymnastics.

Do you have any words of advice for younger gymnasts?

Go for every skill and don’t give up on something. Gymnastics for me really is a trial and error sport which can get pretty discouraging, but if you stop then you’ll never reach your full potential. Last, and most importantly, laugh all the time and don’t stop because it’s the best and only way to enjoy your life! (and I think I’m a pretty good example of this)

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