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Meghan Dunster Senior Spotlight

Meghan Dunster has been at APEX for 10 years

Favorite memory from your years at APEX:

During one of our summer practices, we had a free day, so Jodi, Riley, Maddy, Maddie, and I went to Starbucks to get ourselves and Brandon coffee. When we got back, we used a mat as a table and had a little picnic before messing around on tumble track. I knew at this moment; this team will always be my family. Also, I cannot forget about Riley’s bizarre thoughts and stories. Each practice is always something new.

Your Favorite Meet: 


Which skill was the toughest for you to learn?

Back full and flyaways, still learning and relearning.

What do you have planned for the future?

I plan to attend college and major in nursing to become a pediatric nurse in the future. I would like to be still doing some sort of gymnastics in college; it is still up in the air as of now.

Do you have any words of advice for younger gymnasts?

Trust yourself and your coaches. Personally, I get in my head a lot and doubt myself. You need to push your limits to reach your full potential. Also, most importantly, enjoy the sport. Sure there will be some ups and downs, but you will be grateful for the sport and the memories that came with it in the long run.

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