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Untitled photo

Maria Alexandrou Senior Spotlight

Years at APEX: 10 years

Favorite memory:

Having a free day after the last competition of the season. I love having a relaxed day at the gym after having so many back to back meets. My teammates and I would make funny gymnastics videos and try new skills.

Favorite meet:

The Pink Meet! I love seeing the new leotards each year and getting to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Toughest skill to learn:

A tkatchev on bars and a back-walkover on beam

Plans for the future:

I plan on attending The College of William & Mary and majoring in biology. This gives me a large variety of career options, but right now I am leaning towards a medical career path.

Advice for younger gymnast:

I know it’s easier said than done, but try to not get worked up about the small stuff. Bad days are inevitable, so there is no need to stress over things that you have no control over. Another piece of advice, coming from a very structured person, is to let loose and have fun! Quick dance sessions and hilarious teammates can help with that😉

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