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Untitled photo

Emma Nuwer Senior Spotlight

Years at APEX: 8 years

Favorite memory:

This is a tough question to answer with there being so many memories from my time at APEX. But I always think about the fun, silly moments we share at the gym. One of my favorite memories is when I was just learning my overshoot. Mark told me to come downstairs from being up in the pit bar and that it was time I did it on the real bar. At this time it wasn’t a happy, favorite memory of mine, I was terrified! Mark, a few days prior to this, had brought a catchers mask into the gym, and it had just been hanging up on the wall, and he hadn’t done anything with it yet. I climb up onto the high bar to do my overshoot and he says, “Wait! I almost forgot!” and he walks over and gets the catchers mask. I think he’s implying that I need it because he’s scared of something happening to me, but oh no, I thought wrong! He put it right on himself and said “Ok, I’m ready now.” It made me laugh, and also made me a little more nervous about the skill, but he told me that I could do it and then I did. I’ve been doing the skill ever since and every time I get up on the bar to go for it I think about that time. There are so many other moments like this one that I think back on that always make me laugh and think about how lucky I am that I ended up at APEX.

Favorite meet:

Manhattan Classic and LCA for sure! With the Manhattan Classic I loved being able to compete in New York City with it being my favorite place to be and with it being super close to my family. I loved having a day in the city with my family and then having them come watch me compete! I also have always loved LCA ever since becoming a part of the Apex family. It’s such an incredible experience being with your teammates, cheering as loud as possible and soaking up every last second of the love and joy surrounding the gym.

Which skill was the toughest for you to learn?

Squat on and my front handspring front layout front tuck

Plans for the future:

I plan to attend the University of Delaware to study exercise science and then move into their physical therapy program. I also plan to be a part of their club gymnastics team.

Advice for younger gymnast:

With the sport of gymnastics there are always going to be hard times where you want to give up and quit, but there is so much good that comes out of it, so I encourage you to push through it because whatever comes next is definitely worth it. When I look back at my gymnastics career I don’t think about all of the skills I struggled to get or how frustrating a practice got. I think about all of the fun I had with my teammates and coaches, the dance parties, team traditions with face paint and matching leos, the laughs that fill the gym, and so much more. Sometimes it’s necessary to get through the hard times to reach the good ones! The memories you make with your team are priceless and something you should treasure forever.

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