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Untitled photo

Dilara Michlena Senior Spotlight

Favorite memory from your years at APEX:

This is a very tough question. There are so many amazing memories that I have, but some of my favorite things are our traditions within the team. Traditions are something that all of us value and get to look forward to. There are some things that we have carried down from some of the past gymnasts at APEX like going to IHOP after our home meet, but there are so many new traditions that we have created as a team. One of my favorites is our winter team building. It is so much fun to get dressed up in an ugly sweater, make gingerbread houses, do a gift and cookie exchange, and laugh all night.

Your Favorite Meet:

The Pink Meet! I love visiting the city of Philadelphia with my teammates and being able to raise money for a great cause. I have family from Pennsylvania and it is so nice for them to be able to come and watch me compete. It is also so much fun to dress up and be able to compete in the pretty leotards.

Which skill was the toughest for you to learn?

Cast handstand and back twisting

What do you have planned for the future?

In the future I plan to attend a college to study premed, as well as be a part of acrobatics and tumbling team at the college that I attend.

Do you have any words of advice for younger gymnasts?

Gymnastics is just as much a mentally challenging sport as it is physically, so you need to make sure that you don’t always put so much pressure on yourself and know to have fun! Enjoy the time you have there with your coaches and teammates because time will go by fast. At times it can be a pretty demanding sport, but the memories you make are priceless. Also be proud of yourself and all your hard work when you make accomplishments, even the little ones count.

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