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Name: River Stone

Years with APEX: 14 years

Favorite memory: The team sleepovers when I was like 10; having an extra event of just stretching with Zerell after we DIED at Lyn’s boot camp; getting my handspring-handspring on beam; doing floor routine after floor routine after floor routine during meet week; spraying my hair with sparkles before a meet; the conversations I’d have with teammates and coaches; etc. etc. etc…

Your Favorite Meet: Christmas on the Chesapeake or a Pink Meet Which skill was the toughest for you to learn? _back layout full What do you have planned for the future? I plan to attend a four-year college, then go to Med School and become a pediatrician. I’d also like to travel the world and see different countries, but eventually I want to get married and have kids. 

Do you have any words of advice for younger gymnasts? Keep going, even when the going is tough, because you can handle so much more than you think! BUT, if it gets too much, know that it’s always ok to back down or let go. As long as you are dedicated, determined, and passionate about what you do-whatever you’re doing-it will all work out okay.

River Stone

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