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Untitled photo

Lillian Lin has been with APEX for 10 years

Favorite memory from your years at APEX:

Among all the memories I have at APEX, one of my favorites is this past season’s Florida travel meet. I enjoyed getting to travel to warmer weather in January alongside the rest of my team. It was overall a fun and relaxing meet as most of us showed up sunburnt and exhausted from spending hours in the sun prior to our competition. Even though it was too hot, I enjoyed the fact that we got to escape the cold for a weekend and spend it by the beach for a meet.

Along with that I also enjoyed helping out at our annual home meet, participating in Relay for Life, traveling to various locations for meets, and making long lasting friendships with my teammates.

Lillian’s Favorite Meet:

Pink Invitational

Toughest skill to learn?

Giant on bars

What do you have planned for the future?

I plan on going to college to get a degree in biology, then I plan on going to dental school to become an orthodontist. I also plan on joining the club gymnastics team at whatever college I end up at.

Do you have any words of advice for younger Gymnasts?

Stay focused. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Stay positive. Don’t give up. It’s okay to have bad days, whether it’s practices or meets. Don’t stress over it too much and just keep going. Remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can always try again. You are amazing and you got this!

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