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The APEX gymnasts had a great showing in the sweetest place on earth! The Level 3, 4 & 6 teams headed to Hershey, PA for the 25th Hug & Kiss Meet on February 8 – 10, 2019. The Level 6 team finished with the championship title! They were led by 1st place all around champion Lucy Edmonds. The Level 3 team finished 3rd with all around winners Brooke James, Lexi Scott & Annie Stone. The Level 4 team was led to their own third place team title by all around champions Rylan Archer & Addison Clarke.

Individual Results

Level 3 – 3rd Place Team Individual Top 10 Results:

Katie Bickart – 7th v, 3rd ub, 3rd bb, 3rd fx, 4th aa

Brooklyn Burch – 1st v, 2nd ub, 4th aa

Reagan Burris – 2nd v, 2nd ub, 9th bb, 8th fx, 7th aa

Scarlett Dutcher – 9th v, 3rd ub, 5th bb, 6th aa

Maylin Fay – 1st v, 3rd ub, 10th bb, 5th fx, 3rd aa

Savannah Garrett . – 5th v, 1st ub, 10th bb, 2nd fx, 4th aa

Mackenzie Griffin – 5th v, 5th ub, 8th fx, 6th aa

Brooke James – 1st v, 1st ub, 4th bb, 9th fx, 1st aa

Amanda Mancilla – 3rd v, 6th ub, 9th bb, 7th aa

Anna Meehan – 1st v, 6th ub, 6th bb, 1st fx, 2nd aa

Brooklyn Oliviero – 4th v, 6th ub, 7th bb, 5th fx, 6th aa

Mackenzie Schaeffer – 9th v, 3rd ub, 10th aa

Lexi Scott – 2nd v, 1st ub, 10th bb, 4th fx, 1st aa

Annie Stone – 1st v, 2nd ub, 3rd bb, 1st fx, 1st aa

Jadyn Thomas – 5th v, 5th ub, 2nd bb, 3rd fx, 3rd aa

Sydney Trinch – 4th v, 3rd ub, 5th bb, 6th fx, 3rd aa

Alana Woehr – 2nd v, 2nd ub, 3rd bb, 6th fx, 2nd aa

Level 4 – 3rd place team Individual results:

Lindsay Masternick - 3rd v, 4th ub, 1st bb, 5th fx, 2nd aa

Marissa Hall - 2nd v, 7th ub, 4th bb, 10th fx, 5th aa

Katelyn Roney - 4th v, 6th ub, 10th bb, 8th fx, 6th aa

Meredith Buxton - 5th v, 3rd bb, 10th fx, 8th aa

Elena Mendoza - 7th v, 10th ub, 7th fx, 10th aa

Hailey Coe - 11th v Shea Finney - 2nd v/ub/bb, 3rd fx, 2nd aa

Haylee Stromberg - 10th ub, 3rd bb, 7th fx, 6th aa

Addison Clarke - 1st v, 8th ub, 7th bb, 2nd fx, 1st aa

Lindsey Armitage - 3rd v, 2nd ub, 5th bb, 10th fx, 3rd aa

Paige Stemberger - 4th v, 5th ub, 8th bb, 3rd fx, 4th aa

Emily Thompson - 6th v/ub, 8th bb, 5th fx, 5th aa

Haley Rosberg - 2nd v, 10th bb

Lydia Vuljanic - 4th v/ub/bb, 5th fx, 4th aa

Raegan Howard - 5th v, 9th ub, 1st bb, 4th fx, 5th aa

Charlotte Smith - 4th ub, 6th bb, 7th fx, 6th aa

Alexis Rogers - 7th v, 3rd ub/bb, 7th fx, 3rd aa

Chloe Winn - 1st v, 5th ub, 4th bb, 10th fx, 4th aa

Rylan Archer - 4th v, 1st ub, 2nd bb, 10th fx, 1st aa

Meridee G.- 2nd v, 6th ub, 2nd bb, 4th aa

Taylor Norris - 1st v, 8th bb, 2nd fx, 5th aa

Level 6 – 1st place team

Lucy Edmonds - 1st v, 5th ub, 1st bb, 3rd fx, 1st aa

Caroline Smith -5th v, 6th ub, 8th bb, 2nd fx, 6th aa

Mary Marr -9th v, 5th ub, 9th bb, 2nd fx, 7th aa

Gisele Marques - 8th v, 3rd fx, 10th aa

Ava Buckner - 3rd v, 4th ub, 3rd bb, 2nd fx, 2nd aa

Berkley Gardner 10th bb, 10th fx

Vangie Schmitt - 2nd v, 1st ub, 8th bb, 5th aa

Olivia Cole - 1st v, 7th ub, 4th bb, 5th aa

Mallory Smith - 5th v, 10th ub, 3rd bb, 9th fx,

7th aa Camryn Robinson - 2nd fx Lexi Weinch - 6th v

Level 7

Lizzy Ebersole – 5th v, 2nd ub, 3rd bb, 4th fx, 2nd aa

Level 8

Maelyn Molden – 7th vault

Untitled photo
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