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Apex Gymnastics

The APEX teams hit the city of Baltimore during the weekend December 14 & 15, 2019 to take on over 4000 gymnasts from all over the East Coast at the Christmas on the Chesapeake and BWI Invitational. The girls teams finished 2nd in the Level 4 team competition and 8th in the Level 9. Special congratulations to gold medalists Alison Owens, Reagan Burris, Addison Clarke, Meridee Gaynor, Kaitlin Bolton and Emma Nuwer. The boys team finished 3rd in the Level 5 division and 2nd in the Level 4 division. Gold medalists include Tiernan Yoder, Jack Wilson, Colin Sweeney, Omar Behiri and Rourke McCallum.

Level 8

Vivian Blum – VT 2nd, UB 9th, BB 5th, FX 8th, AA 6th
Jessica Gelfound – UB 6th, BB 6th, AA 9th
Gabby Goodfriend – VT 4th, UB 9th, BB 7th, FX 10th, AA 7th
Rachel Mitchitsch – BB 11th

Level 3 – 8th place team

Tapanga Babar- 2nd on Vault, 4th on Bars and Floor, 6th All Around
Emily Berry - 10th on Vault and Bars
Lila Collins - 7th on Bars and 10th on Vault
Hayden Hill - 8th on Bars and 9th on Vault
Lilly Kennedy - 8th on Beam and Floor, 12th All Around
Sianna Lazzari - 3rd on Bars, 4th on Vault and All Around, 5th on Beam
Valerie Lindquist - 12th on Vault
Aubree Matthews - 2nd on Beam and All Around, 3rd on Floor and Vault, 8th on Bars
Harper Ostrander - 4th on Beam, 6th on Vault, 7th All Around, 8th on Bars and Floor
Alison Owens -Vault Champion, 3rd on Bars, 5th All Around
Anabel Perrson - 7th on Beam, 10th on Bars, 11th on Vault, 10th All Around
Lina Quispe - 2nd on Beam, Floor, and All Around, 3rd on Vault, 5th on Bars
Peyton Roberts - 9th on Vault
Nicole Shin - 2nd All Around and Vault, 3rd Bars and Floor, 7th on Beam
Olivia Valchar -10th on Vault
Emily Wiechmann- 8th on Bars
Emily Winn - 12th on Bars
 Julia Wishard - 2nd on Vault, 9th on Bars, 12th on Floor

Level 4 – 2nd place team

Reagan Burris - 1st VT, 8th UB, 10th AA
Maylin Fay - 6th FX
Savannah Garrett - 8th BB, 9th FX
Arden Krawiecki - 7th VT
Brooklyn Oliviero - 4th UB, 7th BB, 9th AA
Sydney Trinch - 11th BB
Rylan Archer - 6th VT, 2nd UB, 3rd BB, 4th AA
Gabrielle Beale - 2nd VT, 7th UB, 2nd BB
Brooklyn Burch - 8th VT
Addison Clarke - 1st VT, 2nd UB, 8th BB, 5th FX, 2nd AA
Scarlett Dutcher - 4th UB, 10th BB
Meridee Gaynor - 2nd VT, 8th UB, 1st BB, 2nd FX, 1st Aa Brooke James - 10th UB, 9th BB
Amanda Mancilla - 9th VT/UB, 5th BB, 9th AA
Haley Rosberg - 3rd VT, 6th BB, 10th FX, 5th AA
Megan Rubinich - 4th UB, 6th BB, 1st FX, 3rd AA
Lexi Scott - 9th VT, 10th UB, 2nd FX, 6thAA
Charlotte Smith - 7th FX
Annie Stone - 6th VT, 7th BB/FX, 6th AA
Chloe Winn - 7th VT
Alana Woehr - 5th VT, 2nd UB/BB, 3rd FX, 2nd AA

Level 6

Shea Finney -- 3rd vault, 8th beam, 5th floor, 6th AA
Gisele Marques -- 7th bars, 10th beam, 4th floor, 9th AA
Lucy Edmonds -- 8th bars, 2nd beam, 9th floor, 9th AA Marissa Hall -- 9th vault, 2nd floor
Lindsey Armitage -- 9th vault, 6th floor
Emily Thompson -- 10th vault, 7th floor
Alyssa Heese -- 13th beam, 10th floor
Kaitlin Rath -- 13th bars, 13th floor
Lydia Vuljanic -- 11th beam
Kate Stone -- 11th bars, 12th floor
Haylee Stromberg -- 14th bars
Maddie Downer -- 11th vault, 11th floor

Level 7

Teagan Butler – 3rd bm, 6th v, 9th aa Sadie Blackmon – 9th ub, 9th bm
Ava Buckner – 8th v, 10th f
Courtney Combs – 3rd ub, 11th f
Samantha DeBolt – 3rd ub, 6th v, 6th bm, 5th aa
Ella Sloane Griffin – 8th ub Pia Patel – 5th v, 8th ub, 8th f, 7th aa
Vangie Schmitt – 7th f, 10th bm, 11 ub, 12 v, 11 aa Mallory Smith – 3 bm,
Caroline Smith – 8th bm, 10th f, 11 v, 12 ub, 11 aa
Kylie Windows – 9th v, 9th f, 10 ub, 12 bm, 10 aa
Rachel Zerega - 7th f

Level 8

Vivian Blum – VT 2nd, UB 9th, BB 5th, FX 8th, AA 6th
Jessica Gelfound – UB 6th, BB 6th, AA 9th
Gabby Goodfriend – VT 4th, UB 9th, BB 7th, FX 10th, AA 7th
Rachel Mitchitsch – BB 11th

Level 9 – 8th place team

Maria Alexandrou - 5th bars, 7th beam, 4th AA Kaitlin Bolton - 4th bars, 1st beam, 1st AA
Marlena Costanzo - 2nd vault
Makaila Knoerzer - 5th beam, 4th floor, 5th AA
Abbie Knox - 6th vault, 7th beam, 2nd floor
Lillian Lin - 6th bars, 4th beam, 5th AA
Dilara Michlena - 6th vault, 4th floor
Maelyn Molden - 9th vault, 9th bars
Emma Nuwer - 7th bars, 1st floor, 8th AA
Carrie Wiggins - 7th vault, 8th bars, 8th AA
Ruby Wrisley - 3rd beam, 6th floor

Level 10

Caroline Cascadden - 3rd beam, 6th AA
Lauren Greene - 3rd bars

Congratulations to the Apex Boys team for a great weekend at the BWI Invitational. Congratulations to the Level 5 boys for their 3rd place team finish and the Level 4 boys for their 2nd place team finish.

Level 8

Dane Gaynor - 9th h bar
Daniel Jekal - 10th floor, 7th vault, 8th h bar
Conner Lin - 12th pommel
David Sanchez - 11th p bar, 11th h bar
Tiernan Yoder - 3rd floor, 3rd rings, 1st p bar, 3rd h bar, 3rd AA

Level 6

Carrick Amerine - 4th floor
Kieran Marquez - 3rd Rings, 7th h bar, 7th AA
Mason Mercer - 9th rings
Jack Wilson - 1st vault

Level 5 - Division 1

Andre Bell - 4th floor, 5th pommel, 5th rings, 3nd vault, 3rd h bar, 3rd AA
David Jekal - 5th floor, 4th p bars, 4th h bar, 5th AA
Matthew Ludwig - 3rd floor, 6th pommel, 6th rings, 4th vault, 7th AA

Level 5- Division 2

Colin Sweeney - 1st pommel, 1st vault, 6th AA
Dillon Sweeney - 2nd vault
Michael Sweeney - 7th pommel

Level 4 - Division 1

Ibrahim Behiri - 10th pommel, 10h p bars
Omar Behiri - 3rd floor, 1st pommel, 5th rings, 1st vault, 1st p bars, 4th h bar, 2nd AA
Caden Marquez - 7th rings, 8th vault, 7th h bar Daniel Trowell -8th rings

Level 4- Division 2

Tristan Cooper - 7th pommel, 7th rings, 7th p bars, 7th h bar, 7th AA
Rourke McCallum -5th floor, 5th pommel, 5th rings, 1st vault, 2nd h bar, 2nd AA
Bobby Wilson - 8th floor, 4th vault, 8th p bars

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