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APEX gymnasts Lillian Lin and Lauren Greene have qualified to compete in the Level 9 Eastern National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida on May 10 - 12, 2019. Lillian and Lauren each finished 6th in the all around in their division which places them on the Region 7 team heading to sunny Florida. Almost 400 gymnasts competed in the event. Lauren Greene was also crowned the Regional champion on the uneven bars. Event placements for all of the APEX qualifiers are listed below:

Level 9

Lauren Greene 9th VT 1st UB 6th AA

Lillian Lin 7th UB 9th BB 6th AA

Maria Alexandrou 5th UB 10th BB, 11th AA

Kaitlin Bolton 10th V, 11th AA

Emma Nuwer 17th UB

Ashley Bannerton 12th BB

Marlena Costanzo 9th VT

Makaila Knoerzer 7th BB

Julianne Vennitti 4th VT

Abbie Knox 15th FX

Level 10

Caroline Cascadden - 10th BB

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