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APEX Boys Win State Team Title! Congratulations to the Apex Boys Team on a fantastic job at the Virginia State Meet. The Level 5 team placed first in the team competition out of 22 teams from the entire state of Virginia. Congratulations to All-Around state champion Jack Wilson, and to Carrick Amerine, Kieran Marquez, Conner Lin , and Tiernan Yoder for first place event finishes. Congratulations to Dane Gaynor and Daniel Jekal for qualifying to the Level 6 Virginia State Team, and Conner Lin, the first alternate. The state team competition is in West Point, NY at the end of April.

Finally APEX qualified 11 boys to the Regional Championships to be held in Landover, MD in April. Congratulations to Tiernan Yoder ( level 7), Dane Gaynor, Daniel Jekal, Conner Lin ( level 6), Kieran Marquez, Carrick Amerine, Jake Carbary, David Jekal, Mason Mercer, Jack Wilson ( level 5) & Torin Marquez (JD).

Complete results are below:

Level 7

Tiernan Yoder - 2nd Floor, 1st Pommel Horse, 2nd Rings, 2nd Vault, 3rd P Bars, 4th H Bar, 2nd AA

Level 6

Dane Gaynor - 5th Floor, 6th Pommel Horse, 2nd Rings, 3rd P Bars, 5th H Bar, 4th AA

Daniel Jekal - 5th Floor, 8th Pommel Horse, 8th Rings, 8th Vault, 4th P Bars, 8th H Bar, 7th AA

Conner Lin - 10th Floor, 4th Rings, 1st Vault, 9th P Bars, 4th H Bar, 9th AA

Level 5

Kieran Marquez - 3rd Pommel Horse, 1st Rings, 7th Vault, 3rd P Bars, 2nd H Bar, 2nd AA

Carrick Amerine - 2nd Floor, 7th Pommel Horse, 3rd Rings, 2nd Vault, 1st P Bars, 1st H Bar, 3rd AA

Jake Carbary - 10th Floor, 2nd Rings, 10th Vault, 2nd H Bar, 10th AA

David Jekal - 3rd Floor, 4th Pommel Horse, 2nd Rings, 5th H Bar, 4th AA

Mason Mercer - 3rd Floor, 2nd Pommel Horse, 6th Rings, 3rd Vault, 3rd P Bars, 8th H Bar, 3rd AA

Jack Wilson - 7th Floor, 1st Pommel Horse, 1st Rings, 3rd Vault, 1st P Bars, 1st H Bar, 1st AA

JD 2

Torin Marquez - 9th Floor, 10th Vault, 8th P Bars, 8th H Bar, 10th AA

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