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The APEX team braved the snow on the weekend of January 12th & 13th to compete in the Arlington Invitational. The APEX Level 7 team finished with the team championships led by Tory Klein, Lizzy Ebersole and Kira Hayes. The Optional teams were led by Lauren Greene, Julianne Vennetti and Caroline Cascadden to a second place team finish. The Level 6s also finished 2nd. APEX had over 100 gymnasts competing in this event featuring over 15 teams.

Complete placement results are listed below.

Level 6 – 2nd place Team

Sadie Blackmon.- 7th v, 7th ub

Vivian Blum- 6th ub, 3rd bb, 8th fx, 7th aa

Ava Buckner 10th ub, 9th fx

Teagan Butler .- 10th v, 10th bb

Olivia Cole - 10th v, 2nd bb

Courtney Combs.- 8th v, 9th ub, 2nd fx

Sammy DeBolt - 2nd v, 8th ub, 10th bb, 8th aa

Maddie Downer- 3rd v, 10th ub, 5th fx, 10th aa

Lucy Edmonds - 7th v, 5th ub, 10th bb, 10th fx, 8th aa

Berkley Gardner- 9th ub, 8th bb, 10th aa

Ava Gearing 8th v, 10th bb

Ella Sloane Griffin - 6th v, 4th ub

Lyla Hobiena - 14th v, ub, fx

Gisele Marques- 7th, 6th fx

Mary Marr- 5th v, 10th ub, 8th bb, 4th fx, 7th aa

Camryn Robinson - 5th v, 8th ub, 1st bb, 2nd fx, 5th aa

Vangie Schmitt - 1st v, 2nd ub, 5th bb, 10th fx, 2nd aa

Caroline Smith - 3rd v, 7th ub, 6th bb, 8th fx, 5th aa

Mallory Smith - 6th v, 10th ub, 4th bb, 8th fx, 8th aa

Shelby Sommers- 7th v, 9th ub, 9th fx

Lexie Weinch - 3rd v, 9th ub, 5th bb, 10th fx, 7th aa

Kylie Windows- 4th v, 6th bb, 8th fx, 9th aa

Addison Wivagg 7th ub, 10th aa

Rachel Zerega .- 5th v, 3rd ub, 4th bb, 3rd aa

Level 7 – First Place Team

Abby Perez : 9th v, 5th ub, 9th bb, 6th fx, 8th AA

Bree Scanlon 6th v, 3rd ub, 6th bb, 8th fx, 4th AA

Brooke Engle 4th v, 7th ub, 10th bb, 5th fx, 8th AA

Caitlyn Nash 6th v, 5th ub, 8th bb, 11th fx, 8th AA

Gianna Costanzo 12th v, 12th ub, 11th bb, 12th fx, 12th AA

Jessica Gefound 6th v, 1st ub, 8th bb, 10th fx, 5th AA

Kira Hayes 3rd v, 4th ub, 4th bb, 1st fx, 3rd AA

Larissa Reese 9th v, 11th ub, 5th bb, 8th fx, 11th AA

Lizza Ebersole 2nd v, 4th ub, 2nd bb, 3rd fx, 2nd AA

Tory Klein 4th v, 1st ub, 3rd bb, 4th fx, 1st AA

Optionals – 2nd Place Team

Gabby Goodfriend – 4th vault, 4th floor, 8th AA

Maelyn Molden – 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 9th beam, 9th floor, 4th AA

Carrie Wiggins – 6th vault, 4th beam, 7th AA

Maria Alexandrou - 2nd bars, 10th beam, 6th floor, 3rd AA

Ashley Bannerton - 6th bars, 7th beam, 7th floor, 6th AA

Kaitlin Bolton - 4th vault, 4th bars, 1st beam, 2nd AA

Marlena Costanzo - 7th vault, 8th bars, 12th floor, 8th AA

Lauren Greene - 2nd vault, 1st bars, 6th beam, 1st AA

Makaila Knoerzer - 5th bars, 4th beam, 9th floor, 5th AA

Abbie Knox - 8th vault, 11th beam, 3rd floor

Lillian Lin - 6th vault, 3rd bars, 7th beam, 4th AA

Dilara Michlena - 5th vault, 9th beam, 2nd floor

Emma Nuwer - 8th vault, 7th bars, 5th floor, 7th AA

Julianne Vennetti - 1st vault, 2nd beam, 1st floor

Ruby Wrisley - 13th vault, 3rd beam, 14th floor

Caroline Cascadden - 1st AA

Untitled photo
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