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Viva Loudoun is a group of professional photographers who cover local high school sports and create galleries for parents and players to peruse and if they want, purchase individual photos. With 17 schools, 20 sports, and three levels (Varsity, JV, and Freshman) guaranteeing coverage of every team, much less individual participants, is near impossible.

There are times that a parent, group, or team wants to ensure a dedicated photographer will cover an event or individual. For instances like this, we have created HireViva:

• to hire a Viva Loudoun photographer to capture images of your child at a game

• to hire a Viva Loudoun photographer to work an event such as Dig Pink or Senior Night to ensure it is professionally covered

• to hire a Viva Loudoun photographer to cover a special event, such as a regional final, state championship or rival match

• to hire a Viva Loudoun photographer for non-sporting events such as band performances, drama productions and award ceremonies

One of Viva Loudoun’s top photographers will attend the event, focus on the identified subject(s), and deliver a separate private gallery from which you can review and download your selected photos.


1. $90 for a photographer to cover one one participant* and/or special event/game

2. Included in the cost is 10 high quality photos (at least 5 meg or more) ready for download

3. Images are delivered in a password protected folder

4. Purchaser can choose which the 10 image they want to download as part of their $90 payment

5. You can also purchase additional downloads for $9.99 a piece, 30% off the standard Viva Loudoun download cost of $13.99

Note * Cost reduction for multiple participants - $70 each for two and $50 each for three.

Why HireViva

1. Ensure a professional photographer is in attendance at the event you want and is focusing on your subject

2. Guaranteed coverage of your subject with a gallery of at least 10 quality photos of your subject in high quality print ready sizes

3. Spread of coverage of one subject not common in standard game coverage

4. Set fee for coverage and photos with substantial savings - 10 Viva Loudoun downloads would cost $139.90

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